Roger Mathis                              

                                    C O N S U L T I N G                                               


The globalized Society works better with intercultural competence. For over two decades, we have an international network. The intercultural communication requires good language skills. But equally important is the ability to adapt and engage empathetically to the member from a different culture.


Social-Management and NGO's

  • Management of recreation centers in the fields of geriatrics, addiction care, Mental health
  • Management of social counseling centers
  • Management of federations / associations



  • General Management
  • Management of departments
  • Project Management



  • Temporary Management
  • Restructuring
  • Fusion


Tourism and Art events

  • Marketing
  • Alternative and Individual tourism
  • Health tourism
  • Projects   
  • Organization and realization of art exhibitions


Translations  / Language courses            

  • German-Spanish-German
  • German-Portuguese-German
  • Language-Courses abroad